Eligere India Established in the year 2014 to provide efficient man power provider.Initially it started with recruiting the unskilled labour to develop the port as initial requirements. Further started recruiting skilled and high skilled manpower sourced from all part of Tamil Nadu.To provide the top quality recruitment solution to varied spectrum of clients after careful scrutiny to sift the right talent for the vacant post .

She and her team endeavours to have a detailed understanding of the vacancies, the business,its culture and work environment to have the correct placement out of the huge database of capable candidates to meet the client’s needs.

In 2018 we started increasing our Band width and started recruitment consulting company to provide various skilled people in and around Chennai.

Our Vision

Eligereindia’s wants to evolve into the country’s best HR consultants at helping employers achieve success through people. At each step of the relationship with our clients and candidates, they deliver value, advice and an expert point of view.

Our Mission

To provide customers with a complete package of recruitment services under the umbrella of Eligereindia and for any staffing need we should be an automatic choice because of our high service quality at standard pricing.